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Everyone was looking at me, wondering what I had done to upset her so much that she was compelled to flee into the night. The people questioned in the survey mentioned above, which was commissioned by an activity-booking website, recounted some cringe-worthy moments.

I didn’t go after her, because I hadn’t done anything to cause offence. One subject recalls: “He brought his mother as a chaperone.

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She didn’t appear ill, and if she was that keen to leave without explanation what could I do about it? The entire conversation was about her and how close they were.

I decided to adopt an air of nonchalance, ignore the stares, and enjoy the show. Turns out she was an epileptic and felt an attack coming on. It went downhill from there.” One woman reported going on a date during which all the man talked about was his dead wife.

Making a fierce grab for his goods, she took it a bit far and accidentally punched him there instead.

The 30 minutes of weeping afterwards was the last they ever saw of each other.

Lesson: always wash your hands after working with chillis.

The date with the ball punch It can be sexy to be a bit rough and tumble in the bedroom but one lady’s first date ended on a sore note for her potential bloke.

Just try not to aim your globules of snot into your date’s meal.

This lady I spoke to was unable to enjoy the entire date for fear that her guy would notice.

I hadn’t even thought about it, but if it was her intention to stay chaste it was a good strategy.

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