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Come and visit his Villa, where wireless technology was born.Today, the Department “Guglielmo Marconi” (recently nominated by the Italian Ministry of University and Research as “Department of Excellence”) plays a relevant role in research on radio communications at international level.Based in our design home in London, we are a creative British company, with an adventurous heart and inspiring values.

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Bologna is “an old lady, with tender hips, the breast on the Po Valley, and the bottom on the hills” according to one of its most famous songwriters and singers (Francesco Guccini).

It is a historical city, with one of the most beautiful medieval centres in Italy and about 50 Km of porticos where you can walk, protected from rain, or sun.

We look forward to sharing our passion and expertise with you.

Last Friday our brandnew GA member in Andalusia, Blanca Espigares Rooney of Granada-based Masquetours, was the one and only guest of a talkshow on TV Andalucía.

Its history and current level of internationalization makes it an indispensable point of reference in the panorama of European culture and science.

Radio Communication is a discipline with profound roots in Bologna; Guglielmo Marconi performed here the first wireless communication experiments in 1895.

Bologna is in the hearth of Europe: a city with around 380,000 inhabitants and a University hosting about 100,000 students, representing a compulsory point of passage between the North and South of Italy; from here historical Italian cities like Venice, Florence, Milan and Rome can be conveniently reached by high speed train in one or two hours; please read here suggestions about one-day journeys to these beautiful cities, or a dive into the medieval center of Bologna.

Information on the city and on the tourist opportunities offered to the attendees can be found here.

The class is the name for the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel Project (MCDV).

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