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Whenever I wear it, a lot of people ask for photos. For instance, how long did it take you to pull of your kickass Daenerys Targaryen costume?Alaska Mauve: My "Queen of Meereen" Daenerys dress took about a week and a half to make.

I've been a firearms model and advocate with a company called Weapon Outfitters for almost two years.

Another fun fact about me is that during the summer, I also work as a commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska. FHM: Since you "dress up" quite a bit, how do you decide what to be for Halloween?! Do you have something special planned for this year?

FHM: Who is your favorite character to dress up as? Besides the Mother of Dragons, I'm also pretty enthusiastic about my Babydoll (from the movie Suckerpunch) costume.

It's a skimpy schoolgirl outfit, with lots of random accessories, but it's actually quite comfortable.

FHM: Do you think the cosplay community is a good place to meet someone and if so, would you ever date someone who is also into cosplay or do you prefer to keep those "worlds" separate?

Alaska Mauve: In my opinion, the cosplay community is a fantastic place to find love!

Thee bachelor will ask questions (in character), and it is up to the other participants to answer as good (and as funny) as possible.

In the end the bachelor will decide his favorite based on the answer. The host will select volunteers from the audience, so just take a seat and raise your hand when he’s looking for new participants.

Immediately after that, I started putting together costumes and buying tickets to conventions.

My first cosplay ended up being Kaylee (from the TV show Firefly) at Steamposium in Seattle. I even dyed my brown hair platinum blonde to look more like her.

After that, I apply natural (but still glamorous) looking makeup with false eyelashes.

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