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The Distin family quintet was importantly responsible for popularizing Saxhorns, the Distins [sic] toured in the United States in addition to Europe.They accepted a 40 concert booking in New York for the 1849 season, but the venue burned to the ground while they were crossing the Atlantic.“Only 53 people turned up for his concert,” Hunter says.

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When she bought the house next door, Henry was furious.

Connor was glamorous (Hunter would cast Halle Berry) and high-spirited, she painted her three-story town house bright white and called it the Castle.

She kept $30,000 worth of jewelry in her bedroom safe—and a .45-caliber revolver nearby.

She laid a mirrored floor, and her girls danced on it without underclothes, she turned her place into a club with $50 annual dues and gave members gold coins as admission tokens.

When men sidled up during her breaks, she brushed them off with clipped British speech that they hadn’t expected: Her real name was Letitia Lula Agatha Fontaine, and she’d grown up, with great dignity, in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. But Mammy Lou didn’t bother with musical notation, so the white songwriters who scribbled down the melodies and registered them as sheet music reaped the profits.

Maxwell Marcuse, author of Tin Pan Alley in Gaslight, says the famous cancan song “Ta! On fine days, Connor gathered up her hat and parasol and climbed into her big Victorian carriage with a few scantily clad employees.

While critically hailed, their tour was plagued by illness, a Cholera epidemic that scared away the audience, and unrelated riots. He sold Adolph Sax’s instruments alongside his own traditional brass instruments.

Following receipt of a prize medal for the superiority of his instruments over European competitors at the Paris World’s Exposition, In 1876, Henri Distin returned to the United States and set up a small business manufacturing cornets in New York; in 1882 he relocated to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to produce instruments in partnership.

Connor outlived Henry by only a few years; she died in 1899, at age 41, of kidney disease. The most extensively recorded of early Mississippi folk blues singers, and considered by many to be the "Father of the Delta Blues", he created an enduring body of American music and inspired most Delta blues musicians, he lived most of his life in Sunflower County, in the Mississippi Delta, but toured widely and recorded frequently, becoming one of the most popular musicians of the period among African-American audiences.

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