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He collaborated with several blues legends and began recording with a tight trio.

Though such a move generated some predictable criticism, given his musical reputation and middle-class upbringing, his recordings with the trio have earned him a measure of critical respect as well as continued commercial success.

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John Mayer Trio Live in Concert , 2005; released Continuum , 2006.

Television appearances include: Chappelle's Show , 2004; John Mayer Has a TV Show , 2004. Awards: Grammy Award for best male pop vocal performance, Recording Academy, for "Your Body Is a Wonderland," 2003; Grammy Awards for best male pop vocal performance and song of the year, Recording Academy, for "Daughters," 2005; Grammy Awards for best male pop vocal performance and best pop vocal album, Recording Academy, for "Waiting on the World to Change" and Continuum , 2007.

One of the most successful pop singers of the 2000s, John Mayer was pigeonholed early as a soft, sensitive songwriter, and has since put much of his energy into defying that label.

In four years, he won five Grammy Awards, including three for best male pop vocal performance.

"There are artists my age whose musical understanding dates back to 1994.

That's frightening, to think the tail of the comet only goes back as far as Jesus Jones." That joke about a 1990s band that landed one major single on alternative rock radio made it clear that Mayer did not want to be known for only one hit.

Three of his major-label studio albums have gone platinum or multi-platinum.

His best-known song, "Your Body Is a Wonderland," established him as a romantic heartthrob, but when the most sentimental song on his second album, "Daughters," was released as a single despite his objections and became a huge hit, Mayer decided to alter his career by emphasizing his work as a blues guitarist.

Mayer grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut, where he became a fan of classic blues guitarists.

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