Consolidating websites

Fortunately, most enterprise CMSs already offer some level of multi-site management features thus there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

So, is a web consolidation in order for your organization?

As you may know, the number of lists as well as the number of items in the lists are the two major factors affecting page load time.

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Designed for every Share Point users Last but not least, Share Point List Collection is very easy to use; our product management team has given lots of thoughts on it.

Since this product is designed for end users, user experience is as important as its features.

Making sense from such a mess may drive most of us crazy.

On the other hand, if data is organized in a human friendly way, we can easily pull some value out of it and expound the value we get from it. Now that we have made clear the significance of a view, it is easier to see the importance of this feature, especially when you roll up a big set of data together.

From data consolidation to view creation, users do not need to spend much time on how to use it.

With the new version, you can really put data consolidation in the end users’ hands.

Share Point List Collection has simple yet critical features.

I think it’s worthy to dissect them one by one to discover its true value as we get more from this tool.

This extraordinary and organic proliferation of website has helped organizations reach out to and engage their audiences better.

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