Consolidating mp3 files

Skye teaches you how to create music with virtual instruments and plugins, work with audio and video files, and make both basic edits and more advanced ones with tools like Elastic Time and Pitch.Plus, learn to create a musical score, write and edit automation, and mix with effects loops and more.To begin, you must first put the folders that need to merged under one folder.

In case of other folders in multiple locations, you’ll have to manually move (or copy) those folders to one folder first, be it temporarily.

Click the ‘Browse root directory’ button and select the input folder that contains all the folders that you desire to merge.

Finally, discover how to bounce down a final master and export and archive your session.

Whether you're a producer, a sound engineer, or a hobbyist, this course can help you become proficient in Pro Tools 11.

An app like Folder Merger can have lots of usage scenarios.

For instance, should you require to move your MP3 collection from your PC to your smartphone or portable media player, and don’t want any folders to come along, Folder Merger can prove to be a big timesaver.

Next, click the ‘Browse destination folder’ button and choose the folder where you want all the files to go.

Finally, click the ‘Merge Now’ button at the bottom to start the merging process.

Most of us tend to store our files in separate folders to keep them manageable and organized.

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