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State Street ETFs have seen nearly billion in year-to-date inflows, bringing its total assets to 8 billion.

Providers of Care One Debt Relief Services are industry leaders committed to offering the best debt management programs available.

By far the largest ETF sponsor is Black Rock’s i Shares business, which comprises 37.93% of the exchange-traded funds universe.

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Wisdom Tree said it is cutting its dividend to 3 cents from 8 cents as part of the acquisition.

According to Morningstar Direct, Wisdom Tree’s ETF business has about $47 billion in assets, making it the 13th largest of all sponsors, with 1.05% of global market share.

ETF Securities currently has $23 billion in assets, good for 19th place and 0.52% market share.

Wisdom Tree funds have seen about $1 billion in inflows thus far this year, while ETF Securities have seen a little more than $2 billion.

Each year since we have asked the CEOs in all three of our annual regional surveys (North America, Europe, and Asia) to comment on such issues as the number of acquisitions made by their companies during the preceding year, the nature of those acquisitions, the impact of acquisitions, the significance of acquisitions made by private equity companies, and company projections of revenue growth to be generated through acquisitions in subsequent years.

In other sections of the surveys we have asked them to identify the most important 3PL industry dynamics and to tell us what they believed would be the most significant developments in the 3PL industry the following year.

We found that puzzling, and in our 2014 surveys we asked the CEOs why merger and acquisition activity continued to lag expectations. First, the CEOs generally saw companies they might have targeted for acquisition as being overpriced.

Second, and more importantly, as a group the CEOs remained collectively rather cautious because of the post-acquisition integration problems they and other 3PLs had previously experienced.

Recently, a small and thinly traded Latin American real-estate fund announced it was changing its investment objective to focus instead of cannabis companies.

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