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In the rain garden, the natural soil is amended or replaced with a mixture of sand, topsoil and organic compost (or a pre-made rain garden mix).

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Larger cisterns can hold hundreds or even thousands of gallons.

Rain barrels are simple to install and inexpensive.

There are pick-up sites across the county for free leaf mulch.

For an even simpler approach, you can recycle the organic matter you have on site by leaving grass clippings on the lawn (grass-cycling) and mowing your fall leaves into your lawn instead of bagging them.

This option is more costly and more intense (you’ll have to tear up your lawn!

) but the results will be immediate and noticeable.

First, choose the area of your property that you wish to amend.

Based on that area, you can calculate how much compost you’ll need.

For instance, a grassy swale or downspout extension can be built to deliver runoff to a dry well or rain garden.

However, these practices may not be appropriate for every location.

The Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District is currently accepting applications for the Conservation Assistance Program.

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