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Dear Tim, I currently have frequent flyer miles with United, Continental, Delta, and US Airways, and I’m starting to plan a surprise trip for my wife.I have about 28,000 miles combined, with over 16,000 from United.We're sorry but this service is not available at this time. If you need assistance, call Delta at 800-221-1212, or at the number on the back of your Sky Miles membership card.

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So if you receive Star Alliance Award travel, you can use these miles across all "Miles and More" partners. Another good strategy to easily combine air miles with other airlines is to enroll in American Express Membership Rewards program (

Once you have an AMEX card and are enrolled in the program, it is easy for you to determine how many points will translate into a roundtrip ticket.

You can read [% 4618 | advice | The Joy of Miles %] for more information on how these programs work.

A conversion through Diners would result in the loss of fully half your miles’ original value.

You can also transfer points to nearly 20 frequent flyer programs and sometimes combine miles you've earned with AMEX points.

For example, Delta's Sky Miles program allows you to transfer AMEX points and combine these with existing air miles to qualify for a ticket or upgrade.

(Note: United’s miles-for-sale offer officially ends on December 31, 2003.

But my best guess is that the airline will extend this program.) If you want to convert miles, there are four vehicles for exchanging miles among programs: Hilton HHonors’ Reward Exchange, Diners Club Rewards, Amtrak Guest Rewards, and

According to Geekeroo, some of the reward points can have an expiration date.

If you're a Diner's Club Card ( holder, you can enroll in the Club Rewards program and reap the benefits of earning points that you can later use across a number of airlines.

Once used exclusively by the corporate traveler, air miles have increasingly become popular with the leisure class ever since American Airlines introduced this concept in 1981 as a marketing gimmick.

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