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If you want to ask her out then act on your own behalf and take the action that matches for you. Be the "chooser." Take initiative and responsibility to create your life and love life.

Understand that you might be ready and available to date; recognize that she may not be.

Let her know you are patient and you are looking forward to knowing that person!

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I'm not close friends with her, however we do know each other and have interacted over the years.

She's someone I've always liked and so when she divorced, I was actually happy I could pursue her. She's a great lady and I'd love to get to know her better. It's generally not a good idea to date soon after divorce. Women especially need to get to know themselves and their preferences all over again.

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Following divorce, individuals need time to heal, and if there are children it is wise to give them time to adjust before introducing another person into their lives.

Your lady friend is the only one who can decide when she's ready to date. She may be happy to have male companionship at this stage of her process and, with your sensitivity, she may see you as a gift. It seems to me your question invites assumptions or a bit of guessing about this great lady! What do I know about people who are recently divorced?If she insists she is not ready, accept that as a gift.It may very well mean she is working toward moving away from her marriage and toward the single person she wants to be.You will very quickly realize if she is ready for a relationship or not.From my experience (twice divorced), my first divorce took me a while to move on.Four months may be plenty for her to feel ready to reengage another man. If I have any beliefs, assumptions, concerns or expectations related to pursuing her, what might they be?

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