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You can use the social sharing buttons to the left, or copy and paste the website link: https:// Ford’s objective with the 335 block was strength with thicker decks and main webs.

There are two lifter galleys that feed cam bearings.

The righthand galley also feeds main and rod bearings.

It can be removed for block cleaning, but must always be replaced.

You can find reproductions of this orifice plug on e Bay.

The “M” designation was conceived to differentiate the 351C from the raised-deck 351M, which replaced the 351C in 1975. However, D0AE-L doesn’t always mean a twobolt main block.

I’ve seen D0AE-L blocks with four-bolt maincaps out of Boss 351 Mustangs.

I’ve also seen D2AE-CA blocks with twobolt main caps.

The 351C block is basically the same casting, drilled or not drilled for four-bolt main caps.

The raised-deck 400 Cleveland, first introduced for model year 1971, was always known as the “400.” When Ford destroked the 400 to 351 ci and called it the 351M in 1975, people started calling the largest Cleveland the 400M.

No matter how you look at the 400 or the 351M (for Modified or Midland), both use the same block casting that was in production from 1971 to 1982 though there are different part numbers.

And, it is simple for a machine shop to make a four-bolt main block out of a two-bolt.

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