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This is how he came to speak three languages fluently which are Portuguese, Spanish and English.In the Miami Ink, the show was about the personal lives of different tattoo artists who were working at Love Hate and the stories of the customers who come there. He is found on Instagram and his twitter account is @therealnunezc.Chris Nunez has no secret affair or a well known girlfriend now.

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Chris Nunez is a tattoo artist of American nationality and he is the owner of Handcrafted Tattoo Art Gallery.

It is a tattoo shop that it is found in Florida, in the city of Miami.

Von D described the book as "not an autobiography, you know, 'cause I'm too young to do that.

But this is just kind of like a picture-driven outline of my career as an artist.

He is owner of the tattoos gallery shop and afterwards, he opened a new one called Love Hate Tattoos at Miami Beach.

He is the partner in the media corporation called Ridgeline Empire and it operates like subsidiaries for Ink Skins, animation studio and Upset Gentlemen.

Kav Von D, now on LA Ink, has since divorced her husband Oliver and is single, after her more recent relationships failed.

Chris Nunez is dating an extra from the harry potter films but the pair have not yet decided to make their relationship public... Chris Nunez isn't dating an extra from Harry Potter - she was a stalker who spread some rumours.

She is also known for her cosmetics line that launched in 2008.

She subsequently acquired her own TLC series, LA Ink, which chronicled her work at her tattoo shop, High Voltage Tattoo, in Hollywood, California.

On the show, she gained the Guinness World Record of most tattoos given by a single person in 24 hours, with a total of 400.

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