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Maybe they’ve been divorced, or they’re in an unhappy marriage, but because of the money, they’re not going to get out.

“It became as integral to my sense of self and psychosocial reality as my flesh.

At this point, I feel like I am always living as a hybrid of my online presence and my IRL [in real life] presence.

According to Ulman, “the idea [with this work] was to experiment with fiction online using the language of the internet.” Huxtable is a multidisciplinary artist who engages visual art, poetry, music, and performance across a range of platforms to push against and destabilize the restrictive boundaries traditionally assigned to categories such as gender and ethnicity.

“My adulthood was liberated by social media,” explains Huxtable.

For her series Excellences & Perfections, Amalia Ulman changed her persona on the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Lithe and female, a cross between reality star Kendall Jenner and an aspirational Kim Kardashian, she publicly and suddenly began to make radical shifts in her appearance and her life, including plastic surgery, excessive shopping, and dieting.The lessons “range in tone and texture,” Syms describes, “but each one explores the idea of black radical tradition—as much in terms of the way I was making it—the process—as the content that was within it.” This work takes as a point of departure the five lessons in Kevin Young’s book, (2012), which argues that African American culture is American culture.Through the short format of the videos and their presentation on a monitor in front of a wall painting of the word “SUSS”—a compressed textual and graphical expression of the work made for the ICA—Syms examines black cultural politics, commercial media, and the multivalent performance of identity.The avatars reenact the archived conversations the artist had with the men—ranging from private and emotional to sexually explicit.“I got fascinated by feeling so intensely for people I didn’t know,” Stark describes.The cast’s racial diversity parodies the well-known United Colors of Benetton ads, suggesting a disingenuous image of pluralism.

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