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That day she was wearing tight skirt above her knees; straps on her shoes made her outstanding ankles point out the beauty.She was moving her leg in such a sexy way…her skin was golden from the sun tanning.For a couple of minutes I sat there looking at that slut thinking what could I do about my turn on? I asked her if I could go to the bathroom and the bitch let me go. I decided to go for a walk and get a soda in the shop. There was half an hour left until the end of the class. It was the end of spring-semester and I already knew I had the best grade in class. It was nice and chilly in there, thanks to the air-cons.

I was walking around and decided to go to the corner to sit down on the bench. This time her skirt looked so tight on her hips and she looked worth of a million bucks. I got naked and tenderly kissed lips of that bitch. She really wasn’t wearing panties but I had to pull down the mesh stockings. I shoved her about twenty times and felt I was gonna cum.

When I looked down on her crotch I imagined her cunt and I could see it in my head… she wasn’t wearing panties at all and her clitoris was calling me. To avoid that I took my dick out and fingered her pussy for a minute.

It looked like that bitch regularly attended solarium.

Her ankles were so fuckin’ turning on and above all that there was a rumor she had two professional tattoos on her hips.

I couldn’t wait for the class to finish when it just had begun! I got so tired, sweaty and felt like I was in sauna. Teacher’s table was in front of the desks; and I sat on the teacher’s left side.

My teacher was 25 or 26 years old, while I was only 18. So, when I put my head lying on my arm I saw her ankles fitted in red mesh stockings. I was getting turned on by the fact that she dressed like a whore to work.

On the left side she had writing “I LIKE TO FUCK” and a dick with balls. Frankly, I was thinking in English: “I’ve never seen such a filthy sexy white whore!

On the right ankle she was supposed to have a pink tattoo of her pussy. Doesn’t she know her fucking ankles are so seductive and make me wanna fuck her?

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Cops were tipped off by a teacher who had heard rumors of her conduct.

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