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I will be posting a whole bunch of reviews over the coming weeks. For now though, I will be reviewing Hannah from Guildford (Military Rd).

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looks a lot better than the pictured offered, well worth the trip to this place ,excellent rooms , especially the VIP room , good lighting. Evening gentlemen, been punting for the past 10 years and been an avid reader of reviews on hooker for a few years now.

It is time I stopped being selfish and started sharing my reviews and experiences that others may benefit.

sex was usual rutting stuff but Rita was quite into it and determined to cum herself. She was slim - dressed in the sexiest of sexy black lingerie outfits and with hot black high heel shoes that cried out for my attention.

After several minutes of teasing the fuck out of me she grabbed a dom and proceeded to give me really slow, sensual and deeply felt CBJ.

She only does cbj, but very nice and those eyes looking up made it all good. Would recommend her for those who like petite attractive model type girls The day i saw Monica for the first time, i couldn't believe my eyes- I thought she's a gem and I was right.

She started with a health checkup and I took a shower.She is fantastic, I'd seen a lady before and she was not that great her name was apple saw Nancy walk past went back to see her. Pretty good service all services are safe and protected.Booked a hour and since it was my second time it took me a while to climax. Sexy Thai girl I have missed there for some reason, Mary : 3 were free for intro other two good too , but this girls had the walk and bust , so.... my guess 26yo, ut whites eye guess lol Body , slim sz 8, Busr : enhanced C cups, Booty ,: great, slim hips , good legs , was in little blue dress hair: long , black. sex ;pretty dam good energetic , 1 orgasm from her for real Energy, plenty there , noises good , not faker , loves a good brisk pounding Worth rtn visit ; yes , but so many to choose from, 23 girls there on Sat nite and busy.As soon as I started touching her soft body and beautiful breasts she giggled, I knew the gods were smiling upon me that day.She started with a great CBJ and then she rode me like a cowgirl, gently and varying the rhythm.The largest list of the most popular best sex cams counting over 1K safe free sex chats and websites.

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