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It changes when you move between zones and is represented without its zone suffix.The normal Mask channels are 'General', 'Trade', 'Looking For Group' or 'Local Defense'.By default, this window will appear on the left side of your screen, just above the standard location of your primary chat window.

We added a bit more flexibility to the way chat request forms can be set up and used.

Prior to this update, chat request forms could not have Name, Email and Question disabled or removed; only customized to have a different label.

You can delete the fields, edit them or sort them, same as you would the custom added fields.

These fields can also be pre-populated from information on your website by using the ID column as outlined in this blog post about hidden fields and pre-populating fields.

The server "Trade" channel is only usable within capital city walls.

Outside of these cities the channel is still included in the 10 channel limit but the client no longer sends CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL events for the trade channel.article Id=35090 With this new interface, it will be easier than ever to talk to one of our staff without the distractions of busy scrolling chat text, and with full confidence that you are indeed in a conversation with a member of our In-Game Support team.Should you possess any questions regarding this new feature, however, please do not hesitate to ask. [Edit: Link changed.] The order in a chat channel is determined by the age of the characters within the channel (based on the character's creation date, not total time played).Click on the "Chat Bubble" on the chat box tool bar, then highlight "Language" with the cursor. From there you can click one to choose which language you prefer to speak. Channel colors are saved according to channel number. If the channel number changes for any reason the color will be different than previously specified. You can still leave a hidden trade channel using Leave Channel By Name("Trade") but you can only join it again inside capital city walls.

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