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It is important to note that any backdated amount due will be reduced by any support received under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (such as NASS payments) unless any DWP backdating has already been reduced to take these payments into account.Disability elements Backdating is also possible by more than 31 days/1 month where entitlement to one of the disability elements is dependent upon an award of a qualifying benefit.

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For a jobseeker on a £60-plus allowance a week, a £20 spend a week on buses and trains means a third of the allowance gone.

It is part of the social security benefits system and is intended to cover living expenses while the claimant is out of work. continue reading » Months after the original decision. Will I get PIP or JSA during my reconsideration and appeal?

The later you ask, the stronger your reasons need to be. You will not get any payments during a reconsideration and appeal of a.

applied and in some cases if you have a good reason as to why you applied late, you can sometimes have JSA payments backdated as far back as 3 months.…

continue reading » Jobseeker's Allowance JSA is an unemployment benefit paid by the Government of the United Kingdom to people who are unemployed and actively seeking work.

As long as any help or supervision is reasonably required you should still qualify for D.

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