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Abstract: In Developmental support, the "Behavior consultation" technique has been proposed " to change behavior of both supporters and children" by intervention with supporters (Kato, Oishi, 2011).

Until now, case studies of Behavior consultation have been built for teachers.

Each child was provided with development support for one year, and in parallel with support, consultation was given to parents four times.

We recorded conversations during the consultation and converted it into text data. As a result, we can extract consultant's verbal behavior into 11 items.

Abstract: The hypothesis of this study was an intervention program comprised of elements from ABA-based intervention methods including discrete trial training (DTT), pivotal response training (PRT), social skills training (SST) and incidental teaching would improve the social skills of children with ASD and lead to generalization of those skills across conversational partners and environments.

From the literature that was reviewed prior to the study, the researcher found that the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) significantly improves deficits in social skills.

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