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Here is a partial list: For the options window in this example the toolbar is not needed, so set Toolbar Visible to false. To change how some properties are displayed, you can apply different attributes to the properties.

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Globalization; public class Options Dialog : System. One example is an application that has several "settings" or options, some of them complex, that a user can set.

Form There are numerous places in an application where you might want to provide a richer editing experience by having the user interact with a Property Grid.

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But I still cannot see A property's name on the property grid.

While the same thing works for Win Forms' Propery Grid.

Can anyone give me any hint or small examples to make it works for the Property Grid? Thanks Gordon Hi Gordon, Please see our Custom Type Converters Quick Start in our Sample Browser for a complete example.

You would need to change the default property editor in order to leverage Type Converters defined on properties.

Instead, this paper will step you though the process of using the Property Grid control to create an options window for setting application options.

You could use radio buttons, combo boxes, or text boxes to represent these options.

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