Browser not updating favicon dating site ca ru

It's all good now, I really don't know why it was wonky or why it's all good now. Opera is the most pleasing to me, but when the metal meets the meat I need to consider it's market share as negligible.It was strange, I deleted the favicon file, I'd get just the default icon. Great deal of poor decision making and tilting at windmills in this web world in order to just stroke your own ego from what I can see.

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That would be an issue on my end not yours given the internet classes at the senior center didn't exactly cover much more than the basics.

I did restart my computer again (very old and running XP) and did attempt to open up firefox to my home page and even the home page favicon still displayed Net Gear's N.

Mozilla might have saved the "N" favicon in the history.

When the session was restored, "N" icons dominated all the pages. Read this answer in context When the error with DSL occurred, it might be that Mozilla saved the past browsing session.

If you search through the "favicon update" threads around here, often it's "why does it update in all my browsers but Firefox?

" The answer to which seem, Firefox really needs you to completely clear your cache for some reason.

Someone else over there had an issue with rotating images... ) was caching them, and you had to manually refresh to show the image. Mm, just to make something clear, Firefox (for all the things that really PO me about it) is my main testing/development browser.

I'd really, really, really like to be an Opera fan-girl, but it's just too different from the basic browser template I'm most familiar with.

This morning the service was restored however when I rebooted my computer and started firefox then went to the history and restored my past browse session, virtually all of the little icons in front of the URLs to the addresses displayed Netgear's N as the favicon.

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