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The insinuation in this and other reports was clearly that Britney and Sandip were having an affair.A photo, supposedly of Sandip and Britney at Jodhpur, sent to us, again by ‘Larry’, is the one you see above – a clearly morphed picture with Sandip’s face tacked on to a picture of someone standing with Britney.

He’s kind of rude, so I didn’t converse much with him.” Sandip knew nothing of it at all?

“Larry had said he wanted to fuel certain things about Britney and get promotion for the video which will soon be released in Asia and Australia.

The media, including DT, had carried those stories, and Sandip’s official denials, as also earlier news about Sandip’s performance at Madonna’s 50th birthday bash in England, and his attending a counselling session for her before her marriage to Guy Ritchie broke up.

However, what DT didn’t publish were the most recent reports, that got us curious, sent ostensibly by Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, saying that Britney got her room in her Jodhpur hotel, Umaid Bhawan, shifted to one that had an interconnecting door to Sandip’s, and that after a workout, they both “locked themselves up” for an hour.

The last big news, of them performing at Madonna’s birthday bash – is that also inaccurate? First, we played along thinking, whatever, but then it became too much – Julia Roberts commenting on my beauty and etc, and now, the papers say that Britney met Sandip at Madonna’s birthday party. “He must have just played along with the story, because it came internationally...” she said.

“People who are crazy about being in the media, they can lie to you sometimes.

SHORT ROUND: Why do I have to wear this bracelet, Dr.

Britney Spears' early New Year's resolution? Find out what Britney and other stars are grateful for this holiday season. (Spears is actually dating her 37-year-old agent, Jason Trawick.) See Britney's 2009 hot body transformation!

The pop tart has added a new feature to her Web site called "The Year in BS," where she lists "The TOP 75 BULLS#!

T Britney Spears stories reported in the media this year." According to the post on Britney, there were more then 13,000 stories written about the 28-year-old singer in 2009.

The original, which is actually an old picture of Britney and Neil Patrick Harrison, is next to it.

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