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Since then, Breyer has become a leader in producing model horses.

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So next time you get a new Breyer from Golden Oak Stables, take a second to check out what mark it has!

The 2017 Breyer Line Up has landed at our distributor and they are racing (okay walking…) our way via a very large freight box. Aside from the 2017 Breyer Traditionals and the 2017 Breyer Classics, we have a herd of Corral Pals coming as well. Thank you to everyone that has already secured an order through us.

Stablemates have special stamps that can be found on the stomach of their molds.

Most Stablemates carry a stamp that states “Breyer Reeves” and may or may not carry the year that the mold was first produced.

Items are available by pre-order before they arrive, and once in-stock will begin shipping immediately.

For nearly 60 years now, Breyer has been creating model horses for horse lovers around the world!

As of 2008, the Ponies line has been replaced with a similar line titled "Pony Gals".

The line differs from other Breyer products in that the models have brushable manes and tails and may have jointed heads, necks, and legs, and are marketed towards younger children. Both halves are then put together and the seams are sanded and polished.

For many years it was produced by Breyer with a dappled gray coat and a gray mane, tail and hooves.

However, for some unknown reason a few of these models came from the factory with black manes, tails, and hooves, and black socks or stockings.

Today, Breyer remains a wholly owned subsidiary of Reeves International.

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