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, Spencer and Heidi Pratt to watch a polo match with her, and what’s going on with her website.

while working as Brent Bolthouse's assistant, but told Page Six in April 2016 that she turned down a larger role on the MTV series.

"I wasn't on the show that much because, at the time, I really wanted to build my career," the star explained.

I think Whitney pretty much nailed it on the reasons why it won’t work out between old Thomas and I. Now, is your gentleman friend Drew still in the picture? I’m actually out here in California for a couple of months.

I got my real estate license initially in California, so I’m having to do some continued education to get my license renewed. I’ve also been working on Trovare and building out the back end of the website and getting collaborations with more sponsored content with a bunch of my friends out here that are in PR.

And she recently complained that HE had his own jet, and this one doesn't.

The 35-year-old television personality announced the news in an Instagram comment Monday after a fan criticized her "lack of girl code" in regard to Austen Kroll and for "flaunting her status," which co-star Shep Rose previously accused her of. Thats so silly I've never been anything but friends with all of those boys and actually that really hurt my feelings that Chelsea [Meissner] said that," Clements wrote. I won't be returning this season and heading back to California to pursue my career in real estate," she said.Landon credits a mutual friendship with both LC and Heidi Montag as what got her screentime.She also happened to work with Heidi at Bolthouse Productions as "Brent's other assistant." With some distance between her time on the show, she's now opening up about the experiece."Apparently Johnny Lewis appears to be the murder suspect of Davis," LAPD tells Us."Detectives say Davis was apparently murdered in her Los Feliz home.It's important to take time to remember 's Landon Clements was featured on the series, albeit briefly.

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