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Remind yourself that you aren’t being paid when he leads you behind a boulder and pulls you onto his lap.The Dissociation Technique is like a parachute—you must pull the cord at the correct time.

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By eight, you should be hovering just outside your skin.

By five, you should be floating a foot or two above your body, feeling only vague anxiety over what is about to happen to it.

Close your eyes and slowly count backward from ten.

With each number, imagine yourself rising out of your body and moving one step farther away from it.

You may feel solidarity, at such a time, with the beauties just visible there in their bright bikinis.

You may appreciate, at such a time, why you aren’t being paid for this work.

People rarely look the way you expect them to, even when you’ve seen pictures.

The first thirty seconds in a person’s presence are the most important.

Kindness feels good, even when it’s based on a false notion of your identity and purpose.

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