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[The Sex Quiz: Myths, Taboos and Bizarre Facts] "The difficulty with this population has always been access," said James Griffith, a psychologist at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania and one of the few scientists to delve into the subject.

"It's a very difficult population to define." This lack of research is notable given the number of stereotypes about porn actresses, particularly that they have high rates of childhood sexual abuse and psychological problems.

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"There have been more brunette stars than blonde stars," she said.

"It's just that those stars have never been as big as the blonde stars." Meanwhile, academic research on the porn star population is lacking.

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Un-stereotyping porn Stereotypes were the motivation for Millward, whose analysis of porn stars includes a facial composite of the "average" actress.

The stereotypical porn actress — with enormous breasts and blonde hair — doesn't match reality, Millward found.Though it's hard to know for sure without more extensive studies, early explorations have found these stereotypes fail to hold up.Ultimately, the findings could lead to better understanding of sexual health, sexual identity and other aspects of the high-grossing porn business."The average span of a performer's career is usually only about six to 18 months, so the benefit of participating in these things isn't usually apparent to the people who are in it at the time," Kayden Kross, an adult film actress and writer, told Live Science.Not only that, Kross said, but many actresses are reluctant to help researchers, because they're worried that the studies will be used against them by anti-pornography activists.About 39 percent have brown hair, 22.5 percent have black hair, and only about 5 percent are redheads.

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