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Thanks as always...seems the more I write about it, the more everything makes sense!

Waikoloa town has a shopping center and 3 major hotels on the water.

Here is one of the largest fields of ancient petroglyphs in the world. Back on the highway it’s another 45 minutes to Kailua – Kona, the main tourist town.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. This is a good sight: your trip..won't be ready to come back! It's the youngest of the islands and still forming (obviously! Barbara gives out free snorkle gear, ask her about the best sights ...

Hi everyone, I've finally saved up enough to take my #1 bucket list vacation to Hawaii! go to Two Step to snorkle and literally enter the ocean via the 2 steps or urchins will ruin your feet.. have fun, blessings warmly Mona Thanks Mona and Adventuresome!

Seems the park closed off access in 2008 to getting closer then a 1/2 mile away due to safety concerns. Anyone take a boat tour of the lava entering the ocean? Sure it's WAY early in the morning, but sunrise lava exploding into the ocean....could be memorable! I'll be sure to sample some local eats, but at the same time I saw NOT eating out all the time as a way to save some $$$. My purpose was to find the gorgeous beaches and do as much snorkling/scuba diving as possible. I wanted to lay on the beach and sip tropical drinks. )I took the drive to the volcano and wasn't really impressed since you can't even see it through the park access.

A really great way to see a large part of the island is by helicopter. You can book online at home through Blue Hawaiian and get a discount plus you can get the day you want. I'm quite adventure some and have my trekking poles and hiking shoes ready to go..could be quite the unique visit.My aunt and I had a condo that was great, but if we had stayed in a smaller, local place I think we would have been better off. At the end of the road is the steep road down to Waipio Valley.Then you can ask the locals what to do and get a REAL feel for the island. Hilo is the ‘big’ city, the rainy side and has mostly locals living there. 4WD is required by law not for climbing back up but for the braking abilities for the steep decent down. At the bottom is the famous waterfall, Hiilawe, written about in one of the most popular Hawaiian songs of the same name.The swap meet on Saturdays or Sundays is the place for deals and “talking story”.Huggos on the Beach on the southern tip of downtown is the place for happy hour, live music and hula dancers.visit The Place of Refuge, eat fish tacos and stop at the deli with the killer view... rent a car to drive the entire Island, about 7 hrs.. go to town where the huge cruise ships dock, once is good enough, eat at You Make IT Sushi... Kava is a terrible drink no matter what anyone says... I've ordered the Hawaii Revealed book from Amazon, the library had no copies, and eagerly await it's arrival! It's really important to figure what you most want to do over there.

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