Bicycle tire dating

I also would like to know if there is a way to tell which decade.The west winds are different colors on the inside for each decade whitish for 50s reddish for 60s black for 70s and pink for 90s up repo white walls. Sometimes the hanger is removable and replaceable, but not on all bicycles.

Call us to purchase parts — you'll need a major credit card and must be 18 or older.

800-626-2811 When your derailleur goes into your spokes it may not only destroy your frame, but it may end up destroying your wheel, derailleur, and derailleur cable and housing.

The warranty claim process differs, depending on where you bought your bike.

If you bought your Schwinn at a big box retailer or sporting goods store, please see the information directly below.

This is usually exhibited by sudden poor shifting behavior.

In most cases the derailleur hanger and the derailleur will be bent towards the wheel.

The code dating does not decipher which decade and maybe someone knows how to tell but I have never seen any thing on that.

So if the fast back tires were still being made in 77 it could be either one 77 or 67.

If this happens when the wheel is in motion, the derailleur cage can get trapped between the spokes and cause irreparable damage.

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