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needs 9GB so you have a lot of file churning on your system going on.

Sounds like you already have SP1 (and new discs have SP1 already, year old). There was a 12MB Microsoft Security Essentials - I am on 8 and it is no longer supported so won't install and I could never get it to download. So Overclocking on RAM and CPU is out of the equasion. I am using Microsoft Security Essintials but I am not sure if the update is for that. I was also thinking of two SSDs but I woulld have to find them at a really nice price.

I will report again later tonight with more information after I check the event logs and try a few of the other suggestions here. Well it looks like my computer figured it out for me. Anyone know now that the new line of VRs have been reviewed when they will show up?

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Stats Pro is your mobile companion for Battlefield 3.

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As far as the windows update goes I got a message saying there was a BSOD with the code 1000009f. But I have SP1, Malicious Software removal, and a X64 update in the update-que. I will update them one by one once everything important is redundant on my system. I could not see what motherboard but that seems to be what the error points toward a driver needed for yours.

I am hoping its just a controller issue or a BIOs bug. Data recovery programs can help, whether Data Rescue 3 from Prosoft (working demo, to recover) or seems there are tools for Windows I am not familiar with.

This text is shown in bf3stats when viewing reports: This does not seem to be the case with BF4, there you can list more battle reports than the last twenty in Battlelog.

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