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Early Spanish and French accounts mainly describe the Hasinai groups living in the southwestern part of the Caddo Homeland in what is today east Texas.Far less is known about the Cadohadacho-allied groups and even less about others elsewhere in the Caddo Homeland. Davis site in east Texas and on early historic accounts.

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Nonetheless, early Spanish visitors noticed more commonalities than differences among the Caddo groups they visited.

They were struck by the highly organized and civilized society of the Caddo, especially in comparison to the smaller scale hunting and gathering groups they encountered elsewhere in Texas.

For instance, Caddo groups living along Red River below the Great Raft interacted with lower Mississippi Valley peoples living a day's canoe trip downstream.

In contrast, Red River Caddos living upstream from the Great Bend near the western edge of the homeland traded with Arkansas Valley peoples as well as neighboring Plains tribes (with whom they sometimes fought).

If we had comparable accounts for all Caddo groups, we would probably be struck by the differences across the Caddo world as much or more than the similarities.

Some of these suspected (and known) differences relate to the environmental differences across the region, while others are cultural differences reflecting each group's own history and customs and the influence of their nearest and most influential non-Caddo neighbors.

With these factors in mind, we will mention geographical variations glimpsed from available documents as well as make brief references to earlier and later periods to point out a few of the more important changes through time.

Like other aspects of Caddo life, Caddo society changed through time.

It is thought that the first epidemics of Old World diseases, to which New World peoples had no immunity, spread widely and cruelly across the densely settled Eastern Woodlands before Europeans ever visited most areas.

During the succeeding centuries of European colonization, wave after wave of Old World diseases swept across native North America.

Nearby villages and hamlets belonged to the same community.

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