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This game moves the series to a high and very challenging level. This is a masterpiece of a game, you just don't get better than this!!!!

There is very little in the way of hints or help, many times I had to turn off the game after getting stuck and come back later with fresh eyes. This game has everything that a horror movie has: insane asylum, mannequins, childhood trauma, mental disorders etc.

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What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story—if you escape.

Please note: This is the biggest and most intense offering from the Big Fish Games Studios to date.

This was really a fun, dark, unsettling game to play but I don't recommend to those who scare easily. The graphics were awesome, the characters so life-like it was unbelievable.

The storyline and puzzles will keep you intrigued and challenged. This is my second review only for missing a lot this kind of game, advanced, smart, really challenging and clever. Story line is very intriguing, VERY TWISTED and pulls you right in. Oh, the credits will make you chuckle...enjoyed the bloopers. The story was amazing and I love how it was still strong after the first game. This is not an easy game, but a fantastic adventure with over the top characters, I especially loved the awful and disgusting mom, that was so funny!

The story is amazing, complete, with a final like a real film. I'm so sorry, because the low rating, people love stupid games! All story line acts/chapters are very well connected. Puzzles are challenging and you have to keep close attention to everything you see as you end up using clues in all sorts of places. The whole game was like one giant puzzle, I had to look up help about 3 times because I got stuck and the hint button doesn't work through most of the gameplay, which is slightly annoying.

You're deep inside the nightmare of Charles Dalimar. I never expected to be thrown into the world of a madman to relive his childhood through his eyes and understand how he became so twisted. Also they didn't have a map to jump so there is tons of back tracking but that's my only complaints.

The sepia, hand-painted look of this Japanese puzzle game is faintly soothing and Zen, but it quickly escalates to 60 by 60 grids, designed with exquisite cruelty to rob you of your free time in day-long chunks.

If you want to get to grips with its darker reaches, you’ll need to fork out £2.99 for the full game.

Apple has revealed a look at some of the detailed new emoji set to hit i Phone, i Pad, Apple Watch, and Mac later this year.

The list includes a bearded man, a woman in a headscarf, elves, a zombie, a person doing yoga, and a breastfeeding woman The new emoji set will also include animals such as hedgehogs, giraffes, crickets and dinosaurs.

Hundreds of new emojis are coming with Apple's i OS 11.1.

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