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Minnie Mouse obsession has turned into domestic pet soft toy obsession, dogs, rabbits and cats. Plutee was given to her by her aunty in Zealand, shame on me for thinking if we had 2, my life would be a lot easier because there would always be a back plan. They take up 2/3 of the bed while sleeping every night and naturally if one goes overboard, we have to get up to look for them.

Dull and washed out colours are a thing of the past.

MODERN INTERFACE FOR FLIRTY DATERSA new and improved interface is here to rock the place loud.

She has not one but two plutos, original Pluto , who is totally faded and plutee, her brand new one. I made a serious mistake by referring to them as the old Pluto and the new Pluto. Members of the clan get to accompany us on the school run, strapped in for the drive.

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