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You should tell your employer: Your employer may want you to put this in writing.

Or they may ask for your maternity certificate (MAT B1), which confirms your pregnancy and due date.

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You can swap places during the 52 weeks if you want to. If you qualify for statutory maternity pay, it will be based on the salary of whichever parent is on leave.

If you're an agency worker, you have different maternity rights from employees.

Maternity Action has detailed information about your maternity rights.

For more information, see the government's Pregnancy and work leaflet for employees.

He may be eligible to receive statutory shared parental pay during the time he takes as shared parental leave.

This is paid at the same rate as maternity pay and paternity pay.

Before taking maternity leave To claim your right to maternity leave, you must tell your employer about your pregnancy no later than 15 weeks before your baby is due.

You can work this out by finding the Sunday before your baby is due, and then counting back 15 weeks.

Maternity leave All pregnant employees are currently entitled to 26 weeks' ordinary maternity leave.

You may then take an extra 26 weeks' additional maternity leave, giving you a year's leave in total.

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