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Scottish Dances You Tube Videos links to an alphabetical list of those freely-available videos of Scottish Country Dances which have sufficient educational merit to warrant inclusion; regrettably, there is a video for less than 25% of those dances which are indexed under Dance Instructions A-Z Dance Cribs though, fortunately, the number of available videos and their quality are both increasing.Every video for which there is also a written format crib is linked from the Dance Instructions A-Z Dance Cribs page; those for which there is no written or diagrammatic form are shown only on the appropriate Scottish Dances You Tube Videos page.This Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) website is intended as a reference to the traditional dancing of Scotland.

Mike Shields of Media wrote, "the site also boasts of an expansive collection of archived star photos and videos", allowing fans to "trace changing hairlines and waistlines of their favorites performers over the years".

Levin has acknowledged that TMZ pays sources, but in the form of a "tip fee".

Dance Instructions A-Z Dance Cribs links to an alphabetical list by dance name of descriptions of over 5000 Scottish Country Dances.

This page also contains an explanation of the format of these dance instruction pages.

This is the simplest way to find the explanation of a Scottish Country Dancing term.

You may then discover that the definition refers to a closely associated term.

Written and diagrammatic instructions along with videos of performance of Scottish Country Dances comprise the largest part of this site; by analogy with a language, this material may be regarded as the "literature" of Scottish Country Dancing.

The navigation bar buttons in this section index the individual dances by name in various subsets.

If so, follow the link at the bottom of the page to find the associated page.

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