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however, he does text message but not very often and will invite me over to hang out at his apartment maybe twice a month.oh, and a very important part: the only time i ever see him is when he is drunk.

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i want to do all i can to understand and help him with his Av PD. Annie, What a terrific girl you are to want to understand what Av PD is and find a way for him to let you in.

He's VERY lucky to have you and I'm sure he knows this but just doesn't know how to express it.

You are welcome to PM me anytime or keep posting here!! He became the perfect partner...selfless and relaxed. Those couple good months have become more powerful to me than the 13 years I spent distraught. I hope your guy wises up earlier than mine did but it can have a 'happy' ending, anyway, really. And what I found here has made me feel so much better, and given me a reference for moving forward! Cooperf, it's really nice to hear someone's benefitting from our early postings! Hope you'll come back and post how things are working out.

As you can imagine from personal experience, we're not a very talkative group!! If it were up to me, I'd stay home and not talk to anyone. I have some very avoidant days but I'm starting to have more social days. He really wanted things to be different..of the time. I think that he would have wanted to treat me different all those years we were together, but he was afraid to change or too stubborn to change, who knows what. But, I know I couldn't find my way out of my relationship. You'd be surprised how many ppl you reach this way!

The fact that he told you about it finally was a VERY BIG STEP for him!!!

It sounds like he WANTS to let you in but it scares him.

i thought he was just being a normal jerk guy, but really he was being truthful i guess. what can i do to show him that what we have can be great?

what do i need to do to ease his anxiety and help him relax in a way that doesn't involve alcohol?

You are doing the right thing...first for sticking it out with him and letting him take his time and ease into a comfortable relationship. As for the drinking..very obvious that he loses just a little of his inhabition when he's drunk...don't we all!!

Second, by learning all you can about this disorder so that you will have a better understanding of what his world is like and so you can help him without pushing him. If you are more concerned about the drinking than the Av PD..him that.

i sometimes feel like he has to be drunk around me to like me but i also think he has a serious drinking problem.

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