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No, this was not a reference to the propeller-driven machine by D’Harlingue: on the front cover was a monstrous monowheel creation by a Professor E. The centre wheel was powered by a 250 hp airplane engine, which Christie hoped would give this “Mother of all monowheels” a top speed between 250 and 400 kph.Although the front cover of Popular Science Monthly from April 1923 depicted it on a racing track, we have no idea what ever happened to Professor Christie. The 1920s, however, also saw the introduction of a few more ‘sensible’ motorized monowheels, which were really aimed as useable one-wheeled motorcycles.Georg Bergner from Washington, Missouri managed to get to the patent office with his ‘Monocycle’ design just hours before Allen Greene and Elisha Dyer from Providence, Rhode Island showed up with theirs on that summer’s day of June 22, 1869.

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A propeller-driven monowheel As if the concept of the (motorized) monowheel itself was not dangerous enough, American inventor Clinton T.

Coates got the ‘brilliant’ idea of fitting propeller-drive to one.

It was in that wacky time that the idea of the even wackier monowheel was born; a vehicle with one large wheel with the rider and drive-system inside its circumference.

Just like other human-powered road vehicles of the time, early monowheels are powered either by pedals with a friction-transmission onto the outer wheel or hand-cranks directly connected to the wheel axle. Crazy Music Scores Funny Sports DRB on Twitter DRB on Facebook DRB on Instagram DRB on Pinterest DRB on Google DRB by email DRB Feed About us Contact us by email Suggest a link Privacy Policy Abandoned Airplanes Animals Architecture Art Auto Biscotti Boats Books Computers Concept Cars Cool Ads Famous Feel-Good! Crazy Logistics Vintage Stewardess Photos 1-4 Ugly Faces!In 1915 D’Harlingue also patented a propeller-driven monowheel with the engine in the centre of the wheel, driving a front-mounted propeller via chain-drive and the driver sitting on a seat behind and outside of the large wheel.A New Terror of the Road“A New Terror of the Road”, headlined the February 1923 issue of Everyday Science & Radio News. According to the article, this machine had a centre wheel with a diameter of 14 feet with smaller ‘gyro wheels’ on either side weighing some 500 pounds each.Get rid of this crap by registering your own SA Forums Account and joining roughly 150,000 Goons, for the one-time price of .95!

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