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And Kristen was given a new perspective on who she was married to.She could see that I wasn't unwilling to tune into her needs or be more flexible, but rather that I was unable to do those things sufficiently, without her help.After I was diagnosed, however, the fact that we were experiencing these marital problems seemed less surprising.

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At that time, things were not going well between us.

Though we had been best friends since high school, our relationship had been reduced to little more than delicate coexistence.

After we were married and living together, she started noticing little "things" about me that were consistent with Asperger Syndrome, a mild form of autism: impaired social reasoning; persistent, intense preoccupations with certain interests; unusual rituals and behaviors; and clinical-strength egocentricity.

Oh, and my thumbs look like toes, so I'm, like, a total catch.

If you are struggling in your Asperger marriage, seeking counseling.

Click here for my therapy recommendations for this type of situation.Learning as an adult that I fit the Asperger's profile might have been shocking or unsettling. With my diagnosis, I was given insight into how I work.I felt empowered and full of hope, which is a great feeling for anyone with such silly-looking thumbs.We felt hopeless, sad, and confused, the way people do when they've lost their best friend.We never could have predicted we'd feel that way when we were first starting out together.So, I started keeping what I called a "journal of best practices," which was a collection of personal maxims that I wrote down and tried to practice everyday: "Don't change the radio station when she's singing along," "Apologies don't count when you shout them," "It's better to fold the laundry than to take only what you need from the dryer," "Don't hog all the crab Rangoon." (Yep. ) Working together, guided by love and my best practices, Kristen and I were able to transform our failing marriage into the happy marriage we'd always wanted.

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