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Disturbing any lawful assembly or meeting of persons without lawful authority; or d. Congregating with other persons in a public place and refusing to comply with a lawful order of the police to disperse; or f. Creating a hazardous or physically offensive condition which serves no legitimate purpose; or g.

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87, § 2.; § 1314 [Reserved.] § 1315 Public intoxication; unclassified misdemeanor; violation. (e) Any person who, during the period imposed by subsection (d) of this section, violates this section is guilty of a violation.

(d) Any person who fails to register as required by this section, or who having registered violates any provision of this section, shall lose the right to register or the person's registration, as the case may be, for a period of 6 months.

(d) Stalking is a class C felony if the person is guilty of stalking and 1 or more of the following exists: (1) The person possesses a deadly weapon during any act; or (2) The person causes serious physical injury to the victim. (2) "Emergency communications center" means any public or private facility or entity which accepts emergency communications for the purpose of notifying, dispatching, directing or coordinating law enforcement, fire, medical, paramedic, ambulance, utility or other public safety personnel.

(c) Stalking is a class F felony if a person is guilty of stalking and 1 or more of the following exists: (1) The person is age 21 or older and the victim is under the age of 14; or (2) The person violated any order prohibiting contact with the victim; or (3) The victim is age 62 years of age or older; or (4) The course of conduct includes a threat of death or threat of serious physical injury to the victim, or to another person; or (5) The person causes physical injury to the victim. (a) As used in this section: (1) "Emergency communication" means any telephone call or any other form of communication made, transmitted or facilitated by radio, computer or any other electronic device which is intended by its maker to provide warning or information pertaining to any crime, fire, accident, disaster or risk of injury or damage to any person or property.

A person is guilty of riot when the person participates with 2 or more persons in a course of disorderly conduct: (1) With intent to commit or facilitate the commission of a felony or misdemeanor; or (2) With intent to prevent or coerce official action; or (3) When the accused or any other participant to the knowledge of the accused uses or plans to use a firearm or other deadly weapon. For purposes of this section, the term "sexual orientation" means heterosexuality, bisexuality, or homosexuality, and the term "gender identity" means a gender-related identity, appearance, expression or behavior of a person, regardless of the person's assigned sex at birth.

(d) This section shall not preclude any county or municipality from legislating and enforcing its own more restrictive law in this regard. (a) Any person who commits, or attempts to commit, any crime as defined by the laws of this State, and who intentionally: (1) Commits said crime for the purpose of interfering with the victim's free exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege or immunity protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, or commits said crime because the victim has exercised or enjoyed said rights; or (2) Selects the victim because of the victim's race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or ancestry, shall be guilty of a hate crime.

Riot, Disorderly Conduct and Related Offenses § 1301 Disorderly conduct; unclassified misdemeanor.

A person is guilty of disorderly conduct when: (1) The person intentionally causes public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm to any other person, or creates a risk thereof by: a.

Any other provision of this Criminal Code or Title 10 notwithstanding, any person over 16 years old who violates this section may be prosecuted as an adult pursuant to §§ 10 of Title 10.

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