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Physicians and most senior administrative positions are entitled to non-shared housing.

All other contracts usually receive shared accommodations, with one — two other housemates.

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Generally, the compensation for expatriates is based on the compensation of the country in which you are currently working.

Canadians and Americans are paid the highest, but generally it is less than the compensation being earned in North America.

Utilities are included, and basic TV channels are included.

If you want more channels you can purchase satellite packages that include stations such as ESPN, CNN, BBC, the Movie Channel, etc. Many people view online or download their favourite shows via networks or other services.

Vacations are calculated as "calendar days." Depending on the employer, you will usually have between 40 and 54 calendar days of vacation per year (e.g., April 1st to 14th is considered to be 14 calendar days of vacation).

You will not be able to take vacation for the first three months of your contract, as this is your probationary period.We prioritise kindness and respect, providing a safe online community for users to build new relationships.Contracts are typically 1- or 2- years in duration and are renewable on-site.Cutlery, dishes, pots, pans, a kettle, and toaster come with the apartment, as do basic appliances such as a fridge and stove.Depending on your accommodations, washers and dryers are either in the individual apartment unit or in a communal laundry room (there is no charge).If after much thought you feel that you do not want to stay, you are free to return home.

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