who is lisa raye dating now - And ferne go dating

Here, the lonely heart enjoyed the company of both dates, one after the other.

"I just feel like it is really hard, the whole dating thing. "I just feel like it is really hard, the whole dating thing. "I'm so ready to date, I'm so ready to meet someone, I just don't know who it's going to be." Although Sam Faiers’ best friend hasn’t met the love of her life on the show yet, Ferne has had a long and exciting dating history. When Ferne Mc Cann first hit our screens on The Only Way Is Essex, she was accompanied by her boyfriend at the time, Charlie Sims.

Chloe Sims’ brother and Ferne dated on and off for five years, with TOWIE following them every step of the way.

Twitter users didn't waste any time in having a go at Ferne, though.

Some said she shouldn't have ordered so many drinks if she knew she wasn't interested in Ciran, while others said that in this day and age, it's common courtesy to offer."Ferne, love, put your hands in your pocket and buy your own dinner, it's 2017, not 1817," said one user.

On Twitter, some fans of the show called Ferne a "gold digger" after leaving one bloke to pay a £170 bill after a failed date."I'm not a gold digger.

Just traditional & think the guy should pay for a 1st date.

I ALWAYS offer...clearly didn't make the edit," Ferne hit back.

However, so far the former TOWIE star has so far not been so lucky in love. ” However other viewers related to the TOWIE star and loved her honest approach to dating, saying: "Ferne is hilarious!

Ferne told The Sun: “Russell was so charismatic and intoxicating it was hard not to be engrossed by him. “We had a good time together in and out of the bed.” The Essex beauty’s latest love interest was Arthur Collins.

“He’s the kind of man that will get you and draw you in.

FERNE Mc Cann has revealed Celebs Go Dating is scripted after facing backlash from viewers who labelled her a 'gold digger' during tonight's show.

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