An error occurred while updating the configuration airport

This will give you even better coverage (3 devices now) and you should have no problems getting to the other end of the house.

Some benefits of this will be that your Voi P will not be competing with other wireless devices for bandwidth, all of your computers will be able to stream Air Tunes to the stereo and all computers will see any USB printers or storage attached to the new Extreme.

Reading the Billion's manual, it seems that the WDS settings can only be enabled when using WEP security.

an error occurred while updating the configuration airport-83

An error occurred while updating the configuration airport

I'm having great difficulty trying to get my Airport Extreme (802.11n) to start up as an extender to my existing wireless network. I used to use the Extreme as my wireless base station, connected to Optus cable.

I want to use the Extreme to extend an existing network so that I have net access at the other end of the house. But following a house move, I'm now on ii Net's Naked DSL, and needed a Vo IP capable router. I've reset the Extreme who knows how many times now, and I consistently get this message after trying to update it..."An error occurred while updating the configuration.

For instance, see This might find more love if moved to the Networking thread ...

I think you will have trouble connecting the Extreme to the Billion and extending your current network as it is meant to play nice with other Apple products only for this purpose, I have heard a few success stories though.

Without going into the detail of the Extreme's settings, I thought things were looking up, but alas not only do things still not work, but I think I'm wading way out of my depth.

I'm thinking two options:1) Ask the forums whether anyone has a Billion being used as a base station and have successfully added an Airport Extreme as a remote or relay station, OR..2) Perhaps I can set up the Apple Extreme as the base station connected to the internet, and then use the Billion as the remote station.

Just to confuse matters, the Billion has two MAC addresses.

I've got internet flowing most of the time, but seems a little unstable, and for some reason the Extreme 802.11n and the Billion seems to restart themselves now and again.

Now here's a bit I'm not sure of, but I've tried it with and without anyway and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

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