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CHRONOLOGY: Willey believed this type was related to Middle Woodland period Santa Rosa Swift Creek pottery.

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GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION: Distribution for this type occurs from Louisiana to the Mobile Bay and north into the lower Tombigbee River system of Alabama.

SITE & LOCATION: Willey based his study on sites along the northwest Florida coast.

GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION: Carrabelle pottery is primarily found along the Florida golf Coast, but can also be found in southwestern and central Georgia and southern Alabama.

SITE & LOCATION: Wimberly recovered a single rim sherd from the Porter Village site and several from the Andrews Place Shell Midden site.

Some singular punctations may also appear as part of the design.

VESSEL FORM: Recovered sherds suggest that the vessel form was a globular bowl with a rounded bottom and inverted rim with a rounded lip.

research was in sites in Clarke and Mobile counties, Alabama.

TEMPER: Clay and fine sand was used as temper in the recovered by Wimberly.

For more detailed information on these and other pottery types within the Southeastern United States, please see our "Publications" page to order Lloyd Schroder's Field Guide to Southeastern Indian Pottery.

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