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“[My mom] never took benefits and worked all her life, right up to today.” Ayes’s job was a good one: she worked at a Hilton hotel, where she was the director of the housekeeping department. As Ferrera shared with magazine in 2016, “[Mom] had an executive position where she made a decent salary, but she had a single income and was raising six children.” The Solo Mom cherished high hopes for her kids.

In an interview with Jamie Painter Young in , Ferrera said that her mom had come to the United States “for the sole purpose that my siblings and I could get an education, could have every opportunity in the business world, and whatever we wanted to pursue would be at our fingertips.” For Ferrera, that meant acting.

Ferrera recently talked to CNN's JD Cargill to share her thoughts on the future of Web-based entertainment, her ideas about making America -- the country -- better, and why she's glad her dating life is over. I think the time limits on them is what's exciting about this new online medium of just getting spurts of something.

What's great is that they live online, so one could wait until they're online and just sit and watch all 12 episodes back to back as if it was a film.

Being able to catch the show on her mobile phone is convenient for this grassroots activist, who is more than happy to use her fame to engage others in politics.

In particular, the 28-year-old actress and producer hopes her latest initiative, "America4America," helps increase Hispanic voter turnout in the 2012 election.

Ferrera: That's what's really sort of exciting about this format.

I've watched this show on my i Phone, I've watched a few episodes on my i Pad, I've watched on my computer -- I can watch them where ever I am.As Ferrera told in 2015, “[My character] Amy’s like, ‘Look, I can do my job, I’m good at my job.I don’t need a bunch of rules to tell me [what I can do], rules that don’t make any sense.’” The actress is reflective when she discusses her career to date.In some ways, the film imitated life: the movie was made during Ferrera’s own senior year of high school, and like the mom in the film, Ayes had strong ideas about her daughter’s future plans. After she graduated high school first in her class, she decided to put off college for a year to pursue acting.She promptly landed a role in the film , an adaptation of the popular young-adult novel of the same name."Green Lantern" actress Blake Lively showed as well -- the gals are big-screen BFFs after all, from their "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" films.

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