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Mason continued talking but Alyssa couldn't hear him.

Had they not been in the middle of a frightening forest, Alyssa could have mistaken this bunch as a genuine family and not a coven of cannibals.

What seemed to be common with each family was that the wives were homemakers while the husbands were the breadwinners of the family.

For so long Ben had been the brother she had never had.

The adorably sweet boy who followed Cassi around like a lovelorn puppy.

With the unique exception of Simone Stern's charity center, -which was set up exclusively by her husband- Alyssa realized none of the women worked.

Every last one was made to stay at home with the children.

Once he removed himself from the vehicle, there was never a moment for him to confront her on her strange words or her declaration, more of his family had started to arrive. The Sterns came next, only having Nick in tow with them.

The two surviving Stern children weren't with them. One family had a thirteen-year-old son and a fifteen-year-old daughter, while another family had a single seventeen-year-old boy.

Some of the other cousins had already arrived, either with wives or their own children over the age of thirteen. Alyssa silently marveled over the size of the family while also remembering this wasn't quite everyone.

There were more families with children who were far too young for the hunt.

After Alyssa politely joined greetings with other female members of the family, she felt compelled to grab Cassi and hold her close. Alyssa felt compelled to hogtie Cassi, throw her in Ian's car, jump in while screaming at him to drive away as fast as he could.

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