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The Heiltsuk were overjoyed by their discovery, as it could bolster their claims of ancestral land rights.

"When we do go into negotiations, our oral history is what we go to the table with," said Housty.

The settlement is located on Triquet Island in British Columbia's Central Coast Regional District, and is part of the ancestral lands of the Heiltsuk Nation.

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"This find is very important because it reaffirms a lot of the history that our people have been talking about for thousands of years." The discovery of the settlement on Triquet Island confirms these claims.

The researchers discovered charcoal, fish hooks, fishing spears and numerous other tools including a hand drill that could be used to light fires.

Animal bones marked by human tools found in the caves have been dated to 28,000 years ago.

tools found in the caves have been dated to 28,000 years ago.age, nor did a 5.4-magnitude quake in November 2015.

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