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I still do not know if the RNIB are going to help with this. I was also pointing out to him that most problems were problems that other dating sites not specifically set up for the visually impaired would have to take into consideration (Safeguarding of all members' contact details, safeguarding in any case where the user may be particularly vulnerable or currently in a vulnerable situation).

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If you are unsure, our Charging for Care and Support page will give you an idea of whether or not you would be a full cost payer.

Our Assessment page explains assessment and eligibility for council services.

So, many considerations compared to being fully sighted or not having any other disabilities with sight loss.

I acknowledge that there are pitfalls but those pitfalls are there without a dating website.

An online dating will help people connect with each other and make friends so it isn't only to find the right Match.

I am sure people will use the site for various different reasons however my aim is to help people find that special person in their lives.

I didn't mean to imply in any way that being blind or partially sighted per sé made anybody more vulnerable or less able (although sometimes shortly after sight loss or the loss of any sense or ability it can feel that way for the individual). Every decent dating agency or website will provide advice and support on dating, confidence building and so on.

In view of what Neil S said: any pitfalls that may exist in terms of blind people dating are either issues faced by many people of varying backgrounds and sight levels who are using any dating websites or are problems which can be easily helped with advice from the website and/or the VI community.

I hope you will receive some good feedback from fellow members regarding this, and that your project takes off as i think that there would be interest from a lot of VI people to join such a website.

This directory contains listings of the organisations that Newcastle City Council currently commission to provide care.

I was fortunate enough to have someone in my life at the time (we are now married), had I not I think I would be at a low ebb.

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