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We knew we could never get women to go on a site called Cheating Wives, they would be appalled by that notion.

What types of different ages/ sexes are on your site?

The average age for women on Gleeden is 32 and for men it is 39.

Our members are college educated, affluent individuals, seeking physical and/or emotional fulfillment.

Most importantly the has a mobile app which is developed for both i Phone and smart phones.

On the whole the is on a top position on comparison scale of other dating sites.

A majority of people on this site are also married who look for thrill and discrete fun in other people and often get along for a short period of time. Mostly girls are the primary users of the website, mostly the married ones who are keen to have thrilling extra marital affairs.

The profiles on this site are easy to handle and information organization is very unique.

The site on its homepage says: “It’s 100% free”, though the sign up process is free but many features of the sites require charging your account through credit card.

The features like premium date and video chat require charging up your account.

Firstly it has a chat room option where users are allowed to interact with each other multiple users at a time.

Secondly the site has a forum where users can post threads about their experiences and feelings accessible to everyone.

Online dating in general suffers from a fatal flaw if its users are all looking to get married and then unsubscribe from the site.

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