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The nature of their interactions with the chat rooms and the security features related to chat rooms access are specified in a single file.

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After this stage, the administration panel can be accessed (the install folder must be deleted).

At this moment, it is recommended to return to the file editing in order to specify the administrator user name and password, as well as other settings for badwords filter, moderators access parameters, fonts, screen text colors, audio parameters and so on.

Practically, all functional parameters for the chat system are contained into the file.

The customization of the default application configuration is easy to perform, due to the existence of extensive comments indicating the available options for editable parameters values.

The default application functionalities can be extended through various modules.

If you want to define the terms of usage for the new users, the file must be named and situated in the help directory.

In conclusion, Pro Chat Rooms application is an optimal chat system for small or medium websites, with extensible features and flexible configuration options, suitable both for beginners or advanced webmasters.

Note from author: In the updated versions the administrator login issue is corrected.

The advantages of this chat application are: the lightweight character of scripts file size, the small number of database tables and queries (practically the number of database queries is reduced to minimum), increased security features and the improved capacity of response due to AJAX technology.

In the version 2.0.0 there is a small "bug", but not in the code: after the importing of database tables in the final installation phase, the administrator is invited to login by using the user name admin, which is not defined by default in the file.

An average or a beginner user will be tempted to think that the application does not work because it cannot login to the application control panel.

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