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If the child is supposed to be picked up at a certain time and place, then that is what has to happen.

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It is difficult, but important, for the spouse who is not the biological parent of the child to understand that loving a child does not mean your spouse is in love with the child's parent.

New Marriage, New Boundaries: What is probably happening in your particular situation is that your husband has not set up good boundaries for this new marriage.

Often, you expect things to run the same way in one marriage that they did in another. But luckily, there is an easy way to set up boundaries in your new marriage that are not always apparent.

Custody orders need to be followed to the letter -- for now.

It is sometimes difficult when these divorced moms and dads marry other men and women without children, who do not have first hand experience with this.

The bond between the divorced parents can often appear to be romantic and threatening because both parents love their child.Even if he doesn't have custody of them at the time you are marrying him, he may, down the line.And if he has children - or if you're a man marrying a single mom -- the children and their biological parents are all part of the package you are getting into.Whenever I tell my husband how damaging his ex-wife is, he changes the subject.Am I supposed to continue letting her make me nuts?Signed, Second Wife " Dear Second Wife, Step away from the curb!

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