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So taking the leg off is not going to fix the whole problem. She jumped for the ball and landed awkwardly rolling her ankle.

Kate Ross: I was going okay for about a month and was having physio and everything was going along normally.

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She even completed her honours degree in veterinary science.

But in the years that ensued, Lauras worst fears were confirmed.

She experiences pain on a level most of us cant begin to imagine. But what happens when pain ceases to be a consequence of our actions and becomes a disease in its own right. She is living with complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS. Michael Nicholas: It's associated often with quite marked changes in the skin. The nails can change like your fingernails, toenails can change colour and um, it can be quite um, ah, alarming. Dr Maryanne Demasi: Laura what are some of the symptoms that you feel from day to day?

Laura Black: Sometimes the pain is so bad that you know you can't think about anything but the pain and nobody can touch you, nobody can do anything to help you. Dr Maryanne Demasi: How long do those excruciating episodes last? Its a severe neurological condition under the banner of chronic pain disorders. Michael Cousins: It is a complex pain, invariably in a region, say an arm or a leg, but it can be in other regions too, it could be in the nose, it could be in a breast. And we've found recently it can even be in an internal organ. NARRATION: Most alarming though, is that the trigger is usually something trivial. NARRATION: Laura was sure that after a few weeks shed be back to normal. Laura Black: My main one is a sort of I guess a deep burning pain in my bones. Within milliseconds of an injury, pain receptors relay messages in the form of electrical impulses carried along peripheral nerves to the spinal cord.

Within several hours of starting a trial of spinal cord stimulation a patient who has a tremor will have that tremor markedly diminish. For someone like Laura, it may be too late to rewire the brain. From a fellow RSD sufferer, Paula I was finally dx'd with RSD (CRPS) 10 years after having suffered with excruciating nerve pain from my waist down.

If they can't move their wrist they can now start to move the wrist, ah, if they have a lot of swelling it will start diminishing. It also has affected my autonomic nervous system, so that my blood pressure spikes and dips with any kind of external stressors, like flashing lights, concentrating, noise, vibrations, etc.

And I refer to this as chronic pain being a disease in its own right.

NARRATION: Laura occupied her days as best she could, studying to keep her mind off the pain.

Laura Black: I'm being treated for depression and you know in my darkest moments I have sort of thought about suicide as a way out of the pain.

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